Joseph Tsou joined BlockEx as the Managing Director of BlockEx Asia

BlockEx announces the appointment of Joseph Tsou as the Managing Director of BlockEx Asia today. BlockEx is a company providing trading firms, governments and traders with access to the very best assets to trade, and platforms on which to create and issue their own digital assets from. This appointment reflects the commitment of Adam Leonard, Founder & CEO of BlockEx to Asia Pacific’s booming Blockchain industry, and to provide the best possible Blockchain exchange into the Asian Markets.

Joseph has more than 5 years of leadership experience in high-pressured banking and advisory roles, spanning financial services, technology, and consultancy. With his previous experiences in Citi and KPMG, he has gathered immense knowledge in the banking and FinTech world, especially Blockchain.

Adam Leonard, CEO of BlockEx, commented: “We are excited to bring Joseph on board and lead our expansion into Asia. BlockEx has had incredible demand from different regions within Asia and plans an aggressive expansion to service the needs of our clients but also help grow the Blockchain industry in general.

Joseph has the right mix of experience and youth to understand the needs of large financial institutions as well as start-ups. So he is the perfect person to help carry both goals of growing our business and supporting local start-ups.“



Joseph Tsou also added, “This is a great opportunity for the Asia Pacific Blockchain market to experience a truly unique trading experience using Blockchain. While many other Blockchain startups are still talking about Proof-of-Concepts (POC) and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), BlockEx on the other hand have already created a working exchange to issue its own Digital Assets ready to be traded. With the help of the team of experts in BlockEx, I believe we are ready to change the world on how they experience trading. Driven by the highest regulatory standards, our exchange self-regulates when regulation does not exist, I am thrilled to be part of the team and journey that will see Blockchain change the world of finance forever.”

About BlockEx

BlockEx is a Digital Asset Platform created to handle the entire lifecycle of a digital asset. Enabling the Creation, Issuance, Servicing and Exchange of financial assets created using Blockchain. Customers include corporates, financial institutions, governments and retail traders.

The core of the BlockEx platform is the BlockEx Pooled Liquidity Exchange, a lightning quick HFT matching engine built to meet the needs of traditional banking institutions, governments retail trading, firms and retail traders. BlockEx tool kits include asset creation tools and brokerage software.

Built to be regulator-friendly with compliant business models, BlockEx self-regulates where regulation does not exist and works with regulators where it does. We are focused on becoming the Trusted Authority in the new banking world, powered by distributed ledger and cryptographic-based securities.

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