Privacy Policy

Once you access, visit and/or use this website or any related webpage, you accept that you have unequivocally and without reservation expressed your binding agreement to the privacy terms of BlockEx SARL, both jointly and severally.

BlockEx SARL is committed to protecting your privacy. Our privacy policy details the ways in which we collect information regarding the users of our website, what we are permitted to do with the information, and the actions you can take to protect your privacy.

Our privacy policy applies to all the information that is collected and/or submitted to the website. When you access the website, among other things, you may be able to execute financial transactions, submit requests and data, and register to receive information. The personal information that may be collected on the website includes the following – name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank name and account number, and credit card details. This information may pertain to yourself or to any third party when you are acting on behalf of the third party. Information from a variety of sources may be compiled by BlockEx SARL,.You are permitted to update certain personal information by accessing your account and complying with the instructions for updating your information. However, you hereby confirm that you understand and accept that due to legal requirements some of the information is not subject to change.

The website, through its servers, also collects additional information, including the following – your IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of your visits. This information is used to identify certain user trends. The information may also be used to block certain users from accessing the website. Consequently, the website may assign to your computer one or more cookies which may collect information that facilitates access to the website and customizes your online experience. The website may also use standard or non-standard Internet tools, such as web beacons and/or monitoring programs, which compile details of your use of the website and allow for the customization of various services we provide and promotions we may undertake.

Personal data you submit normally shall not be disclosed to any third party without your prior consent. However, there are certain exceptions, including the following – information required to be disclosed to companies related to BlockEx SARL; information previously known to us and/or generally available in the public domain prior to your disclosure to us of said information; information that, through no action or inaction by us, becomes publicly known and is generally available after your disclosure; information that, by law or regulation, must legally be disclosed, in which case you will be provided with such advance notice (including a copy of any legal demand for such information) as is practicable in order for you to limit or bar any such disclosure; information that is provided or otherwise made known to us by a third party in a manner that does not breach our duty of confidentiality; information that we compile independently without referring to data you disclosed or was known to BlockEx SARL, without any restrictions, at the time you made the disclosure(s), as shall be proven by written documentation; or information that is required to be disclosed to enable BlockEx SARL to protect our legal rights.

With the objectives of preventing unauthorized access, maintaining the accuracy of data, and ensuring information is properly used, BlockEx SARL has established commonly accepted and appropriate physical, electronic and management procedures designed to safeguard and secure the information that is collected via the website.

With the objective of protecting the privacy of minors, BlockEx SARL will not knowingly collect or maintain data from users who are under the age of 18 years. There is no part of the BlockEx SARL website that has in any way been designed or structured to gain the attention of minors.

You are entitled to request that you do not receive e-mail and/or newsletters from BlockEx SARL. You may also delete or decline cookies by changing the settings on your browser.

BlockEx SARL reserves the right to change this privacy policy at a time(s) of its choosing. This means we can amend, alter, modify or change, at our sole discretion, any term(s) of this privacy policy without prior notice. You hereby agree to comply with the current privacy policy that is published on our website.

In the event of a conflict between BlockEx SARL terms expressed in English and expressed in any other language, the BlockEx SARL terms expressed in English shall prevail over those expressed in any other language.