Meat Our team

Paul Martin

Chief Executive Officer

Paul has over 25 years of experience at the world's leading banks. Previous experience includes Chief Risk Officer at BlockEx, Head of Group Liquidity Risk at Barclays, Head of Group Treasury Oversight at Deutsche bank and Eurobond Origination at ABN AMRO. Experienced in Digital Assets, Trading and Risk.

Tej Dosanjh

Chief Operating Officer

Tej has over 30 years financial services experience in operational and front office roles, as a partner level consultant and in c-suite industry positions. He has depth in investment management, wealth management and investment banking. Experienced in Operation Resilience within Finance an DeFi.

Aleks Nowak

Chief Information Officer

Blockchain veteran (8+ yrs) and respected industry figure. 18 years experience spanning military, security and technology sectors. Founder and CIO BlockEx. Regular speaker and thought leader in the blockchain space. Past consultant to both govt and tier one institutions.

Annalisa Angelozzi

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Leading the development of customer focused projects within the dynamic and evolving blockchain and NFT Space. I combine a deep knowledge of the technologies and trends with communication skills including marketing strategy, social media, relationship building and client engagement.

Marcin Bebenek

Senior Developer C#

Full stack developer, 10 years experience in C#, SQL, TypeScript, Angular and Node. Passionate about cutting edge tech. Azure, Cloud, Microservices, AI, Chatbot. Worked for ClearBank, ASOS, Wolters Kluwer, PwC, Ascentric and Rolls Royce

Bartosz Skowronek

Software Engineer C#

Enthusiast about software architecture, distributed systems, and cloud computing. Focused on delivering high-quality software adapted to changing business requirements. Just a super curious guy, always looking for the best solutions.